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\\November 2020\\ Tea Time with Girlfriends

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\\October 2020\\ Breast Cancer Awareness + Chapter. Back to Top

\\August 2020\\ Retreat in Virtual Meetings only. Back to Top

\\February 2020\\ At the Keeping it Real Forum Back to Top

Corporal Domino Scott-Jackson speaks to students about Teenage Suicide prevention.

\\November 2019\\ Pop up Happy Hour, Friendship Day Back to Top

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\\December 2019 to January 2020 \\ Back to Top

From Fundraiser 2019 to “At the Tournament of Roses”, January 1, 2020:

Links Tara Newman, Char Bland and Melanie Holden on the “The 19th Amendment Float AND December 15, 2019 at the “Dancing Under the Stars” Fundraiser, La Canada Flintridge Country Club, La Canada, CA.

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