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At MY MIND MATTERS Forum: PPD Cpl. Domino Scott Jackson AND LinksUp Mentees

On Saturday, NOVEMBER 12, 2020, our Health and Human Services facet presented a forum about a most important subject today. The forum, “My Mind Matters” was held virtually in our Links of Pasadena-Altadena Zoom Room. The key speaker, Cpl. Domino Scott-Jackson of Pasadena Police Department, presented a workshop on protecting young people’s mental health, during this period in time.

COVID-19 related shutdown of activities has caused young people to have to deal with sadness, depression, listlessness, and loneliness, all as they deal with COVID-19 responses along with all the rest of entry to adulthood. “Its OK to not be OK, says Cpl. Scott-Jackson. “Start building Read more . . .

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